Beefed Up Locking & Security Measures Available

I’ve been chatting to my new neighbours recently – they have come home to the UK from a long stint overseas – in a variety of locations.   Their most recent escapade was four years in S.Africa, where they enjoyed a very enhanced standard of living, compared to the neighbouring area.  However, for every luxurious element of their company supplied home, there were concerns for safety and a great deal of time and consideration was given to the family’s safety and security.  The company supplied a security company specialist to ensure the door sand windows all conformed to the latest design with special locks that were easy for the family to operate but would snap instantly shut if the ‘red’  button was pressed at any time.  Electronic systems are so commonplace these days that all houses can invest in better systems for either a comprehensive whole house approach, or selected area, say the front of a house only.   Ensuring the swiming pool complex and any changing rooms are secure is another consideration.  Any outhouses, additional buildings and garages need to be included.  So often gangs target houses for the motors which are often housed away from the main residence.   Being able to view any movements around the house is another benefit available these days too.