Belt & Braces Security For Peace Of Mind

Keeping the house closed and secure is something we often tend to forget when the heat of summer comes.  Of we go ou t into the back garden for a quick burst of sun . . . .  We so often leave that front or back door unlocked.  When we’re outside we must of course exercise caution and prudent use of items that could be deemed as quick in out sale items.  Making sure we look round and see what could catch a burglar’s eye if one came in right now . . . .  removing all personal items like laptops, tablets, phones of course, jewellery and all manor of expensive gifts out of view of the windows and doors.  These are so easily grabbed if someone makes a smash and grab raid.  It’s really ghastly thinking about this sort of problem but it has to be faced by many families on a daily basis.  Sadly.  So what’s best – getting window locks can be helpful, so that if  you want to leave a window open a little when your’re at home, this can stop anyone just opening the window further or at least delay them.  Not leaving spare keys anywhere except in a properly installed key safe – which only authorised members of family and carers etc. can access via the agreed family pin number.  Just a few simple ideas to add to having a robust alarm system with warning signal on the front light.