Busy People Forget To Lock Windows & Doors

When we plan our holidays and family gatherings, we don’t usually give much thought to household security – not until the very minute we leave the house and get ready to drive away.  Then we just quickly press those familiar alarm buttons – do we check the rest of the windows and doors though?  It can be easy to forget to set that alarm or lock the door even.  Once when away on a project in London  I was very organised on Sunday evenings – case packed and all my work stuff by the front door ready to get to the station early.  I went off as usual, having remembered at the last minute about some charity bags to go down the drive. . . .  Well, when I returned the following Friday, I was stunned to find I’d left the back door on the first catch and not even shut, let alone locked!  These days it is imperative to ensure we do lock up – our houses need alarms and careful security – so many criminals about sadly and it seems from news reports that nothing is beyond ‘having a go’.  Getting a seurity and alarm expert in to check the window and door locks is a good first measure.