Consumer Show Highlights Need To Check Traders

I was watching a well known national tv programme recently – it’s a consumer based one that pricks our conciences about various things but primarily seems to highlight the tremendous rise in fraudulent and criminal actiity.  We live in a very criminally active world sadly.  An item brought it home to me to check credentials of very trader I deal with.  It featured a company of ‘locksmiths’ who advertised same day emergency call outs.  The studio engaged a true expert to set up simple little door lock faults, a vulnerable looking actor installed cameras recording the ‘locksmith’ coming and turning a simple £50 job into many hundreds by falsely claiming the lock needed replacing and almost wrecking the door with power tools badly applied.  We saw 3 recordings in different house accompanied by the reactions of the expert.  Upon confronting the owner of the set up, he denied wrong doing, of course.  But we, the viewers, had the benefit of second by second recordings which really emphasised how we need to help oursleves by being careful who we choose.