Doorbell Camera Keeps Burglars Off The Patch

We are the middle one of tree houses in a small enclave.  We therefore have 2 sets of neighbours and these could not be more different.  One side is always lending out their key so we can help with their doggy day care of they think they’ll be out for too long n a trip.  The other side keep very much to themselves and only gave me a key years ago because their house alarm would often cry out noisily at night when they were away.   I’d been keyholder for the previous owner, same alarm, just new code.  These days I don’t need to worry about the alarm – they do set it before leaving but with these new computer based  gizmos on the market, they can tell if anyone is approaching their house from miles away.  So I only get involved to water the plants and take the rubbish bins in and out!  With so many folk having the ‘front door’ camera system with face recognition, everyone feels more secure and the burglars have had to find a new occupation.