Easy Sash Window Entry Helps Security Failure

The first house that I bought, with my partner some years ago, was a victorian mid terrace of three.  So no great long lines of gutters and shared roof spaces.  Being the middle one was beneficial at the time – during the coldest winter since records had begun, we enjoyed a little bit of heat through the walls of both neighbouring houses and the shared roof spaces had not been properly insulated then, so their real coal fires sent warmth up through their middle chimneys….   Our original sash windows were not quite so beneficial – they did lock at night but that meant no air.  – they could be opened from the top down or bottom up, with half a wooden clothes peg wedged in to stop anyone from trying to open it further.   We had a problem one summer day when I’d forgotten to shut the windows upon going out.  A small burglar got in and had started to help themselves to some specific items they expected to find.  We were not insured because of my stupidity.  Hurrah for today’s sophisticated home security systems!