Home & Garden Security More Relevant Than Ever

Some of the advertisements for home security devices are very comical – in fact they are so entertaining, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that they’re selling a serious minded product.   The need to keep in touch with whatever’s going on at home is getting more important all the time.  Years ago only the very well heeled of our society needed to worry about things like security cameras and personal body guards.  Every body can now tap into the instant security of home camera systems.  You have mini camera devices dotted around various locations around the outside of the home and the garden and these are linked via internet to your mobile phone.  As soon as anyone approaches the hidden camera, a warning is received via the phone and you can speak to the person.  If they are not meant to be there, they go away very startled with no harm done.    You can also have subscription service to allow scanning of cameras footage for anything that has occured.