Home Security Cameras Using Mobile Phone For Action

I was staying over with relatives a few weeks ago.  They have a rambling old stone property in a tiny village where several home based businesses have managed to get decent fibre broadband and wifi available to them.  They all have versions of the latest electronic security devices for homes and outbuildings.  Each sports a name suggesting comforting nesting instinct.  They involve small, unobtrusive cameras to be located near front, back, patio doors and any vulnerable area that would usually invite scrutiny from an undesired source.  The cameras are linked by internet to the owners’ cell phones.   Brilliant systems and well overdue.   We were out for lunch in the next town, had logged on to the venues free wifi, and my hostest heard her phone buzz.  It was alerting her to a chap parking up and wandering around looking in the windows!  Using her cell phone, she was able to tell him to scarper pretty quickly.  The front cameras had logged the vehicle and registration details, and him leaving the premises pretty pronto.