Home Security Systems Getting Smarter

There are many variables when we consiider the methods of securing the average domestic family home.  A lot of today’s schemes begin with the word ‘smart’ and this means something specific, not just that it looks nicer than the one next door.   Firstly, what exactly is a smart home security system and do they cost a lot – what should we look out for in the way of features and how exactly do they make our homes safer.  After we’ve negotatied these, the next question will be how are they installed.  A smart home security dystem is a collection of internet connected gadgets incorporating wireless security cameras with motion detection technology allied with door locks and window sensors which detect when anyone approaches,and having done that, got as far as trying the doors or windows.    The different schemes onthe market vary in the actual products bundled together but essentially a security system will be driven by a central internet connected central hub  wirelessly connected to each and which communicates via a smartphone app to all the components in the system.