Key Safe Simple Way To Store Spare Key

I know of a local house that has had a rather unfortunate break in.  They do have an alarm box fitted but whether the purpetrators knew it was just that, a box, without an alarm inside, no one’s  saying.  This household has had a couple of similar sort of incidents in the last five years.  I do have my suspicions – no one else in my immediate cul de sac has had anything untoward happen.  It may be that they are more careful with their alarms.  I also know one or two folk who keep their spare key hidden near doors – they should have a wall mounted key safe.  It’s simple; a little box is fixed to the wall, inside there are 4 cogs 0-9, the family agree and store their code, pop the key in the box and ensure the code has been entered. Usually a button or clip clicks shut and the key is locked in, now whizz the cogs round to obliterate the correct one.  Anyone needing the key will turn the cogs to correct code, push a button and the key is released.  It’s imperative to replace the key and set the code again in the box as soon as it’s used – so easy to walk off with the one spare!