Modern Technology – Smarter Than Hard Wired Alarm

Most families have some sort of security device on their homes – perhaps a fixed location alarm system with a box high up on the front or back of the property which is hard wired into a control box down in the hallway.   There are sensors dotted about the house, and anyone breaking in to the propery whilst the owners are away will set off the alarm if they don’t disarm it beforehand.  These old systems were jolly annoying in the summer because once armed i.e., the owner sets a numeric code into the keypad, presses SET, locks the door and then drives off. . .  The first thunderstorm or heat wave causd flies into the sensors and/or actual alarm box sending a faulty intruder alert to the control box and off went the alarm, wailing noisily until a keyholder comes to check over the premises and reset the alarm. Hurrah for today’s modern internet alarm systems which are operated via your smart phone.  Cameras at critical points show who’s lurking or waiting for attention and you can talk directly to them from wherever you are in the world.  Fantastic!