New Front & Garage Doors With Countryside Colours

I live in a nice suburb of a quiet and not very well known county town.  We benefit by having all the best of the housing market – very spacious family house – at omne time desribed as ‘executive 4 bed detached’ to separate it from an ordinary Wimpey 4 bedroomed detached.  So the area is considered to be of the more affluent in the County.  I note that my neighbours all sport the latest in composite front and matching garage doors.  There is such a range of colours available these days.  Ls harks back to the desire to reflect the hues of the local countryside that surrounds us.  I did not go for any garish colour myself, but retained the pure white neo georgian style when I too had to have my garage door replaced a few years ago.  I went for the same but with electric up and over motion with handy key fobs.  My life has been so revolutionised since having this installed!