Tightening Up Our Daily door & Window Security

A man’s home is his castle . . . . .  and we all know how lovely and inpenetrable they have always been considered to be.  In these days of high criminality though, we have to look further than to assume the nice thick walls of our own little domestic castle will keep out the bad guys.  There are several ways we can help ourselves before even considering the myriad of electronic internet based systems.  Firstly we can ensure our windows are fully closed and  tightly latched or locked whenever we leave the house.  Also, door locks – ou’d be surprised how many folk leave theirs on the latch whilst they just pop out and at night.  Anyone planning break ins tend to watch out for habits like that which leave them a clear invite to enter!  My own front door had a double deadbolt action upon lifting the handle up 2 positions, then needs a key to lock.   I have to be careful to remember to actually lock as well as deadbolt it.