Turning A Basic Latch Lock Into A More Secure Model

There are so many different types of door lock these days that it can be very confusing for the diy enthusiast to know what to fit if they come across a a door that needs beefed up security measures but doesn’t want ot change the whole dioor.  There are some of the safer of the basic types – a 12v DC Elcteronic door latch which is operated with a secondary lock recess, allowing customers to manualy lock a door regardless of the automation – often used out of hours, as in the case of a business premises.    It is designed to automate door locking via intercome, keypads and switches.   When the latch is fitted into an existing door frame and works alongside the original lock, the user is able to use their original lock as normal with keys or revovling knobs/handles and as an elctric lock when connected to intercome, keypads and switches, on the proviso that any secondary locks are already in the open position.