Window Locks & Camera Devices Ward Off Burglars

When a neighbour asked me how I lock my windows, I have to say I was pretty much stumped.  It’s years since i have thought about locking my windows at any time.  At night I tend to shut windows and this action alone locks them to a minimum degree – one has to press the button to release the lock before the handle will move to open it.  Howevr, there are lots of other styles of window lock out there and she proceeded to list them all and their merits.

For example we have folding, keyed, window pin, chain, hinged chain ventilating, swivel action and in another completely separate list are the stocp lock which is best for adjustability;  bar lock, best for portability and locking pin which is rcommended for crank windows.    Of course any burglar will try to get past the lock but in these days of sophisticated camera and senor devices on every corner of the house, it’s now less profitable for cat burlars to chance getting picked up on the devices for all to see.